Saturday, December 07, 2013

Spicy Ramen c/o Nom Nom Ramen

Tuesdays are dart nights, and usually I come home from work, shower, and then practice with my roommate for a bit before making it to either our home bar or the other team's home bar. A few weeks back I showered, played some darts and then decided to leave home a little earlier so I could stop by Nom Nom Ramen for a dinner of noodles and broth. While our home bar is still a bit of a trek from my home neighborhood, it's still centrally located in Philly, which can't be said for the majority of other places we shoot. These other teams often are from the relatively far south or north of the city. But this particular evening we were going to an opposing team smack dab in Center City, so it was the perfect excuse to get my noodle on.

I mentioned my plan to my roommate and he came along too. It was his first proper ramen experience, which I find funny because I also facilitated his first pho experience. When it comes to Asian noodle soups, it seems that I am his sherpa. Or something. In any case, I chose to go with the spicy version, which definitely had some kick to it, but wasn't set-your-mouth-on-fire hot. I do love me a good seasoned soft boiled egg, and that was certainly in effect along with a few pieces of fatty pork and a good helping of noodles that still had a little oomph to them.

Our actual dart match didn't go our way, but it certainly can be said that we tried.

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