Saturday, December 14, 2013

Burger c/o Duke's Grocery With Old Friends

Back in the day, when my parents still lived in Maryland and I was in high school or during the early years of college, returning to the area generally included hanging out with T. at one point or another. But then the parents moved, and those funny holiday or summer interludes came to an end. I've certainly still seen T. in Brooklyn from time to time over the years, but the Washington D.C/Maryland meetups are generally a thing of the past. So when I realized that I was going to be in the D.C. area for Thanksgiving, I reached out to T. to see if he might be returning to the area. And in fact he was! So we made a plan for dinner in the Dupont Circle area. I arrived at Duke's Grocery not long before T. and his gf A. showed up, and only a little bit later C. also joined us. Conversation ranged in a few unpredictable but interesting ways, and I ordered a burger that turned out to be two burgers in one. It was a lot of burger.
After that we went to a funny basement bar not too far away and had a few drinks. I always enjoy catching up with T. and that A. is a keeper. A good night and, as far as I can recall, the first time T. and I ever had a proper grown-up-with-drinks kind of night in our old collective hometown area.

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