Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Game Times on Capitol Hill

After our dinner we made our way to Capitol Hill for a visit with J. and her family. Throughout my childhood my parents and I would most often be found spending our Thanksgiving at J.'s house. When my parents moved away from the area that tradition went away as well, but I have many a fond memory of those evenings. When we arrived S., J.'s daughter showed me this chalkboard that she had recently unearthed in a spare bedroom. These are both cats that I drew on such Thanksgiving evenings. The one on the left was done when I was six and the one to the right was done at seven, which the numbers attest to. I drew another cat below them but totally forgot to document it. Let it be known that it was marginally better than the drawings I did as a child. But only marginally. 
J.'s son J. and his son M. One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving was playing dictionary after dinner. I told this to M. and his brother S. and they were interested in learning how to play, so we all gathered around a table and got down to the doing of dictionary, which is a very fun game if you like making up definitions for words and trying to trick others into thinking that yours is the true meaning.

It was quite fun to catch up with these folks and certainly entertaining!

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