Friday, November 09, 2012

Jalapeno Soda, Fries and Dogs c/o Hot Diggity

Two weekends back I met up with BC for a little quality adventure times. She was in search of record player speakers and wanted to check out a flea market not far from her south Philly hood. So I drove on down there and picked her up. She was kind enough to call me right before I arrived to ask if I wanted a coffee,  which was super perfect because I had planned on requesting a coffee stop on the way to the flea market. Great minds think alike. So we went to the flea market, which was more of a sidewalk sale really. We saw a tent that I suggested BC buy so she could go on camping adventures with me, and a lot of turquoise jewelry, children's playthings and even a karaoke machine, but no speakers. We then went on to a guitar store, record store and pawn shop...all to no avail. At that point we then stopped in at Hot Diggity. This was kismet, as Hot Diggity is on my resolution list. Once there we both took our sweet time deciding just what dogs we wanted and what dipping sauces would accompany the fries we planned on sharing. I also decided to try their lime, cilantro, jalapeno soda.
The fries were thick cut and tasty. Not overly salted. We chose garlic rosemary aioli, wasabi, and chipotle dipping sauces. I preferred the wasabi.
I chose the Texas Hold 'Em dog, which was a hot dog wrapped in bacon accompanied by barbeque and hot sauces, melted cheese and scallions. I'm pretty sure BC went with the Cincinnati Skyline...but I am not 100% sure on that one. I liked my dog well enough, but the bbq sauce was a bit sweeter than my palate really preferred and the hot sauce component didn't really balance it out. The soda, on the other hand, was quite something. A real mix of tart and strangely savory, and yet refreshing at the same time.
I would definitely go back and try their Vietnamese inspired dog and a few more of those dipping sauces and soda flavors. After our lunch pit-stop we went on to another thrift store where BC found the speakers she had been seeking! It was like magic. The shop was pretty neat in its thrift store glory. So many knick knacks, though not nearly enough paddy whacks.

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