Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chicken, Okra and Pea Curry

Another country day found me making green chicken curry. I consulted a few different recipes before ultimately going my own way a bit. Started with freshly grated ginger, chopped lemongrass, three hot peppers and plenty of garlic. Added to that mixture chicken, then chicken broth. Cooked and simmered before adding additional spices, coconut milk, peas and okra.
I was quite pleased with the result. I should have used far more peppers if I wanted the dish to have any heat, but as it was it had a great lemongrass/ginger overtone and the chicken didn't dry out.
The one drawback was the lemongrass bits, which were many and yet not good to actually chew on and eat.

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nc catherine said...

That looks particularly tasty and warming. It appears that winter is really here. Bah. But soups and curries are good alternatives for keeping the chill at bay. You can put the lemon grass chunks in cheesecloth if the pieces are too annoying to have free floating....And everything is improved, well not everything but lots of things, are improved with coconut milk. Yes indeedy.