Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Ramen c/o Nom Nom Ramen

I completed my final full-time busy season at work in early January and then put in one more week to make sure that all my responsibilities etc. were properly shifted to those who would remain. Every year the company has an annual retreat, which I was generally happy to miss this year. But the retreat was one of the very few opportunities for those of us working in Philly to meet/see our colleagues who work exclusively off-site. I did want to touch base/say goodbye to a few of those folks so while I didn't attend the actual retreat, I did stop by their snacks and drinks event afterwards. Before I did this, however, I decided that I'd have one last bowl of ramen in Philly. While I know there are a few other spots I never got around to trying, the location of the retreat after party made led me to decide that Nom Nom Ramen was the most sensible choice as far as where to get my fix. In times past I've ordered their spicy broth ramen, but on this particular evening I decided to go with the miso broth. Satisfying as always, though I think I actually liked the extra heat from the other preparation.

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