Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bob Evans Breakfast Times

The next morning in Wytheville I awoke and plotted the best way to get Zul to take half a tranquilizer for his next drive and then went out and procured the tuna I believed would distract him from the half moon of a pink pill lodged in its center. Honestly American cheese the day before went more smoothly. While giving the pill time to kick in, CRS, J. and I made our way to a nearby Bob Evans where ridiculous breakfasts were consumed. I ordered the option that pretty much had all things: sausage links, eggs, potatoes and biscuits and gravy. Do not fear, I didn't actually consume every bit of it, but my myriad breakfast cravings were certainly met.

I failed a bit when it came to actually taking photographs of people on this trip. This is the only photo of CRS and J. I took with my actual camera, and then I took a photo of them with my iPhone knowing I was having them face the wrong direction (sun behind them) so while you can see the silhouette of the pair, they really could be almost anyone standing in front of a Virginia mountain. And I most certainly whiffed when it came to getting any proof of any combination of all of us being in the same place at the same time. You'll just have to trust me, which is probably easier than not trusting me. I mean, I'm not lying about the gravy, so why would I lie about the people? This now makes it seem like I am, in fact, lying, which is not the case. Forget I even started down this path. The breakfast was good and I was glad to give the couple their first Bob Evans experience, for bette or worse.

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crs said...

Wow. Breakfast is so funny!