Thursday, February 27, 2014

Farm Life

I've been busy living a new kind of life. Got plenty of posts that cover the drive to my new location on an island in Washington State, but haven't quite been feeling like constantly looking back as of late. The present is much more appealing. This is a pretty representative image - and the first taken of me since I arrived on the island two weeks ago - of how a good portion of my days are spent. Lambs are cute, but they're also a whole heck of a lot of work. Here is a quick overview taken from a text I sent, which also does a good job of summarizing my basic feelings about this change in run-on sentence format. On the whole I think this blog may be slowing down for a bit.

"Baby lambs and blood and birth and castration and milking and cheese and new people and beaches and fires. And early rising and farmers markets and standing a lot and walking up steep hills and not giving a shit how I look and not leaving the farm for days. Forgetting and remembering who I am, or could be, for better or worse."

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