Saturday, September 08, 2012

Team Building at a Phillies Game

A few weeks back our out-of-town boss was in the office and in addition to the chicken lunch, we also went to a baseball game to do some 'team building.' This, for me, meant generally ignoring a baseball game, drinking beer and taking photographs of the light. We were up way high.
But with a pretty great view of the Philadelphia sky line.
At some point they had a toddler chucking event. Here this guy is about to throw the kid down to the field, where a trampoline shaped like the Phanatic cushioned his fall. The parent who threw their child fromt he highest section won a Zune and '06 Kia.
The sky was doing lovely things.
Our tickets had $10 programmed on them for food or beverage. I ended up spending more of my own money to have a second beer, but this sausage was pretty tasty.

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