Saturday, September 22, 2012

Return of the Dragon

As often happens at this point in the year, work has gotten busy. And with the busy-ness comes company sponsored lunches. This began about two weeks back, I believe. First meal of the busy season was General Tso's Tofu c/o Szechuan Hunan. I also had hot and sour soup, but the dragon didn't feel like posing with it.
Another meal was a quite delightful Cajun Turkey hoagie, which came complete with  "Cajun" turkey, spinach, horse radish cheddar, spicy mustard, coleslaw and red onions. Quite good. From 3J's. The dragon was so excited about it that a wing was lost.
And yet another day found me slurping mulligatawny soup and chana chat from King of Tandoor. Honestly neither was particularly awesome.
And yet another day found me, the dragon and a brick sized amount of baked ziti getting to know one another c/o Luigi's Pizza Fresca. It was quite satisfying. I've loved most ziti I've had over the years, but I feel like my earliest memory of discovering and enjoying the dish took place at the Sbarro in DC's Union Station. I often took the train to high school after vacations, and I feel like I definitely ordered the dish a few times and then enjoyed it on the train. Yep. And during the adult macaroni and cheese nights of my early post-college years, I perfected my own version of the dish. Luigi's is pretty good, but of course mine is better mainly because of the extra cheese.
And that wraps up the first week of too much food and work, too little everything else.

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Huck said...

The dragon is back! Yay!