Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cocktails and Snacks c/o Lemon Hill

So I had my last day of work about a week ago and have been slowly chipping away at the packing and storing part of my imminent move out of Philly. This weekend L. came down and did an inordinate amount of good as far as really getting down to the nitty gritty, but in the last few weeks I did make a fair amount of headway. Of course this moment in time I am procrastinating. I cleared off the multiple piles that had migrated to my desk - on which is one of the last flat surfaces available to put things - but there are some other definite things I need to do. Progress has been made but more progress is necessary. Things I need to do:

1. Consolidate the many things I do plan on bringing with me.
2. Take a load of boxes and stuff to the storage unit.
3. Pack the many board games I own, but do not plan on bringing with me.
4. At some point I need to go to Lowe's and buy paint...because I need to paint my bedroom walls back to white on...uh...tomorrow or maybe Tuesday.
5. Do one final pass through the kitchen to pack up any remaining doo-dads and pots and pans.
6. Get paranoid over whether enough I am bringing too much stuff, and whether the people with whom I will be living and working will judge me for bringing too much clothing.
7. Buy wellingtons.

Well, enough of that list. The point is, as the last few posts attest, in addition to doing some packing, I certainly was making the most of being in Philly and having a series of 'last meals,' and that trend will continue in the next few posts as well. For instance, LW and I met up at Lemon Hill perhaps one Friday ago. It was super busy when I arrived so there were no seats at the bar, which is where we prefer to sit. But by the time LW arrived, two seats opened up so we hopped over to the bar. While I was waiting I enjoyed a Sazerac, and after we got to the bar I tried a drink that isn't on their website, but that I enjoyed very much. I wish I could tell you more, but really all I know is that it was delicious.
I also tried their six minute egg with bone marrow toast. The egg was lovely, the toast confirmed to me that I really just don't dig marrow. There are enough other meats and things that I like, that I have decided that I don't need to further explore my marrow palate. Marrow and bananas, I'll pass thanks.
I also ordered the boquerones, which were far more tasty to me. Fish, yes.
I had one last cocktail, which was a gin and pine jawn. Gin with pine infused something er other. Pretty tasty I'll tell you what.
A nice evening!

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