Saturday, March 23, 2013

Underwater Disposable Camera

I figured I'd just round up the photos I took with a combined 1 and 1/2 disposable underwater cameras. Fat T. warned that I would take a bunch of photos and none would be terribly good and I must agree the lack of clear focus choice led to a bunch of rather grainy photos that even with a modicum of photoshopping are still a bit impressionistic. Nonetheless, with no real commentary, some things I saw in the water:

I thought this was a barracuda but I'm not sure.

Purple and yellow fish just a smudge in this photo.

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nc catherine said...

They look fine from where I am sitting, which is not in a warm sunny sparkling environment! Bah the return of winter, version 457.

Did you ever decide if the the big fish was indeed a baracuda? Love the snorkel self portrait.