Sunday, March 24, 2013


So one totally cool thing about the grounds around the cottage was just how much life was going on. There were the wild and free resident rooster, chicken and chicks who generally took a perimeter stroll around 7 in the morning, there were a range of birds, lizards of course, a frog in the outdoor shower, and hummingbirds. I quickly saw the hummingbirds but was too lazy at first to get my slightly better zoom lens out to try to capture one flitting about, but eventually one morning I did. This first photo was supposed to be of a bird, but it vamoosed before I could take the photo...but look at that lizard on the tree! I had no idea that sucker was even there until I looked at the photos later.
Birdy bird bird!
Mmmmm. Bird.
So neat. I think this hummingbird was roughly the same size as the moth!

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