Saturday, February 23, 2013

Curds, Cocktail and Cookie c/o Lemon Hill

At some point in the month of February LW and I met up at Lemon Hill after work. I arrived a bit before her and ordered the discounted happy hour cocktail, which was the dacquiri. I think I may have also not waited for LW to appear to put in my order for cheese curds, as they arrived roughly about the same time that she grabbed a seat next to me at the bar. Let me tell you a few things about these fried cheese curds:

1. They were fresh and hot.
2. They were so delicately crisp and fried on the outside, but molten liquid-y wonderful on the inside. You know how sometimes you'll order a more standard mozzarella stick appetizer and they're a bit too breaded and already solidifying by the time they come to your table? Neither was the case in the instance of Lemon Hill's snack.
3. The long hot dipping sauce/vinaigrette that accompanied them was equally interesting and above average.
In addition to LW's arrival coinciding with the curds, it also coincided with my need for a second cocktail. So here you'll see the curds fresh-on-delivery and the equally freshly prepared cocktail being poured with gusto into my new and waiting glass.
I also had a third beverage, this time a stout of some kind. I can't recall which because this was about two or three weeks ago and their taps change. We were also gifted a fairly delightful maple pot de creme and chocolate hazelnut cookie. This was an absolutely pleasant and welcome surprise. I dug the creme a bit more than the cookie, but combining the two was also a smart move.

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