Sunday, February 03, 2013

Cocktails and Patty Melt c/o Lemon Hill

Things thankfully have slowed down at work after quite a bit of busy-ness. On one of the first days where my to-do list was taken care of early, I decided that it was time to scratch the itch for a fancy cocktail and patty melt from Lemon Hill. This was an itch that had been building for a few weeks but with no release. Enough was enough. I was one of the first people at the bar, but I entertained myself and quickly had the happy hour cocktail of the night - a traditional dacquiri - in hand. Not too sweet, properly rummy and tart. I felt quite classy and Hemingway-esque; the ghost of a six-toed cat slaloming between my legs and the barstool.
I didn't really need to look at the menu, having decided my plan of action from the start. The patty melt came out and was just as satisfying as I expected. The toasted bread held up well to the moist and medium rare burger and its toppings of grilled onions, special sauce, cheese and pickles. Fries were forgettable and slightly anemic/underfried, but that just made me focus more on the beef.
I made some jokes and conversation with another patron and the bartender for a bit while enjoying each bite and sip. They do a fine burger. Not quite Village Whiskey levels of awesome, but above average for sure.
I rounded out the evening with a different cocktail, which I was not as enamored of...a little too sweet with the housemade grenadine.

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