Sunday, December 02, 2012

Brunch c/o Char No. 4

The morning after L.'s birthday night found me once again awake hours before any reasonable person might choose to be conscious after such an epic evening. This was good, as I was able to briefly touch base - and enjoy a coffee - with LM. I then went back to L. and Fat T.'s apartment to regroup, which led to L. and I going on what became a rather extended search for brunch. In the end we went to Char No. 4. I wasn't all that interested in alcohol, but a virgin bloody mary with housemade pickle sounded like a very good idea...and it was.
For my meal I went with their version of eggs Benedict, which replaces the Hollandaise sauce with gravy, and the English muffins with a serious chunk o' biscuit. The eggs were perfectly cooked. The yolks oozed but the whites were firm. Frankly I think I would have dug the more routine Hollaindaise over the gravy, but all in all, tasty stuff.
Later in the day L. and I met up with AS and braved quite the crowded craft fair in Williamsburg. The view of Manhattan and overall lighting of the area was spectacular.

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