Thursday, December 06, 2012

Another Meal and Parting Scenes

After I returned from my adventure I took a really delightful nap, the details of which I will not bore you with. Then Dad and I went back to the main house for a second dinner with a slightly different cast of characters. This involved another cheese platter or three, not to mention the turkey that wasn't able to cook the night before.
Oh and steamed artichokes.
And a sesame kale salad and deviled eggs and smoked salmon and pickled okra and a few other treats.
And then the next day came. I briefly went over to the house with my father before determining that I needed to get back to Philly. On my way off the lands I came across this dog, which was steadily running up the road...but for what I couldn't tell you.
He was working hard.
Just beautiful.


nc catherine said...

Well when you are a spotted stumpy legged dog, you gotta be busy! Maybe he was challenging your car to a race.....

cc said...

he stayed at pace for a while...before i went over 4 miles per hour:)