Friday, December 14, 2012

Birthday Night Darts c/o The Bards; Birthday Night Dancing c/o The Barbary and Midnight Magic

Next up on my birthday night agenda was darts at the Bards. I wasn't sure who would or would not be there, but I had certainly invited a number of darts loving folks. LW and I arrived and gladly met up with S. (who is on my dart team) and TDoc. It was a little whirlwind because of the third act of my evening, but we got in a few games and, of course, some photos.

Next up was a relatively last minute addition to the night in the form of music and dancing at the Barbary. This was a venue I'd never actually been to before, so it was nice to broaden my horizons. Basically I bid adieu to LW, S., and TDoc and met back up with BC, BM and AS, who had stayed north in preparation for the dancing.

The band in question was Midnight Magic.
I went to college with one of the band members, and via Facebook it was brought to my attention that they'd be in the area that Saturday, and I figured what better way to round out a night then by dancing to the musical stylings of a group that includes former college people? No better way really.

As always, I was the annoying girl with the camera taking pretty not great photos. But it's what I do. It's too late to stop now.

I'm not sure I recall exactly what transpired between the first and second photos. But clearly it was hilarious.

It was a really fun show. Lots of dancing and sweating and jazz hands all around. Maybe not that many jazz hands. Of course by this part of the evening (2 AM ish) I was pretty sauced, which made me think it was a good idea to chat with A. (the college compatriot) while he did his post-show rounds. I can only hope I didn't embarrass myself entirely. Hope is half the battle.

Then I followed him (I mean not like without his permission, that would be very much weirder) to the green room area, insisted on taking a photograph, and then proceeded to blather about this and that and god knows what to his bandmates.
My face become fatter with every passing photo.

Yikes. In any case, my own ridiculousness aside, it really was a fun night, and definitely not the norm for me in Philly. It reminded me that when I put to my mind to it, I can have adventures in the city and talk to strangers. And that even if I'm not a good dancer, it's still fun to dance. Thanks to LW, S. and TDoc for coming out for darts, and to A. for putting on a good show and putting up with my college remembrances and overall ridiculousness.


Huck said...

Unrelated: You have read the "Song of Ice and Fire"- series, haven't you?

I just came across this on the Internet:

"On a simliar note: anybody in the Philly area ever been to the Franklin Mortgage? It’s kind of a speakeasy-ish type place that serves pre-Prohibition style cocktails. One of them is called The Red Wedding. Thought it might’ve been a coincidence, but there’s another one called the Fevre Dream." [Fevre Dream is also a novel by George R.R. Martin -- which I haven't read.]

nc catherine said...

Ah good haircut!

Looks like a rollicking good time, as one should have on one's b'day!!