Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bucks County and Philly Times: Pennsylvania, Huzzah!

After the second of my two lovely visits in NYC, I crossed the Verazzano and Goethals bridges and made my way to Bucks County to meet up with Mr. Ass. The evening I arrived I believe we had a nice dinner with his parents and I was introduced to Bob's Burgers. The next day was spent primarily beating Mr. Ass in Scrabble.
We took a walk around their property, which wasn't pretty at all.
Then we went to New Hope and met up with L. for drinks and conversation.
One million photographs were taken in an effort to get truly good ones...which never quite panned out.
Though I won't say the endeavor was a failure.
Good people and good times. Two of my favorite things.

We all went to high school together. Boom. Now we are old.
Pipo very much enjoyed being placed on this window perch and surveying her domain.
Next up was dinner in Philly. Where did I go, and with whom, you ask? Modo Mio of course, and with Mr Ass., E. and B., C. and LW, and A. Pictured below is a terrible photo of A. and I. We lived harmoniously for about two years. I recommend him as a roommate very much. It was nice to catch up with him and to enjoy the combined hospitality of him and LW (because now he is her roommate).
After a wonderful Modo Mio meal, we went to Druid's Keep, drank way too much beer, and played increasingly terrible darts...but we looked okay doing it.
The next day I had my first ridiculous hangover in quite some time. Staying prone for a bit and hanging with Brutus was important.
As was mainlining pho directly into my body...via my mouth.
Then I changed things up entirely and went and stayed with LB and C. and their we little one M...who at this particular moment in time, was a turkey baby.
An out of order 'prom shot.'
I do love me some good baby times.

Not to mention handsome dogs and city views.
As well as babies and tarot cards.
Then it was off to the country. Dad flew in a day or so later for Thanksgiving. It wasn't super cold, but I kept a rather constant fire burning nonetheless.
Copious cheese was consumed.
So. Good.
Vultures in flight.
For Thanksgiving dinner I made us roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and baked asparagus. As well as cranberry orange relish and some carrots from the chicken roast.
Dad and I went for lunch at Black Bass Hotel and then walked across the Delaware River. It was legitimately cold on this day.
I continued to paint. This person liked Canada and coffee and disliked scary movies.
Lehigh Valley views.
Then I drove back into Philly to reconnect with the dart team I captained, the Kitten Mittens. It was great to see all of them and to spend a long evening 'darting it up' with both that team as well as others I knew from the summer league team I was on.
Summer league!
Then I stole Brutus and brought him to the country, where he enjoyed spending time in the fenced in backyard...but found himself entirely stymied/terrified of going down stairs.
I started a new series of paintings. I take romantic quotes from reasonably well known movies and make them, shall we say, not so romantic.
Then L. and Fatty came and played with me one last time. I wasn't sure they were going to be able to make it and then was super duper excited that they were willing to come out for what was basically just a night and half of a day. We took Brutus on a walk.
And posed interestingly.
Then L. and Fatty left, and C. arrived. We had good times of eating and drinking by the fire and generally catching up, gossiping, and enjoying each other's company. This is me hugging Brutus goodbye not long after I woke up.
And this is the selfie we took not long before they left me.
And this is another painting I made.
As is this one. I've made quite a few more since, and they all make me laugh/chuckle, but there is a definite darkness to them. I don't think of myself as a romantic, but I don't think of myself as a bitter curmudgeon either. I think I do take umbrage with romance as it is constructed and delivered to us via media - especially movies - but I do believe there is earnest and authentic sentimentality in the world...but these days I'm more enjoying this side of it. The side of deconstructing the romance into something hideous and amusing.
When the snow melted, the creek swelled.
And then my time on the truly east coast came to mostly a close, and I was driving west towards Ohio. I stopped for a Starbucks beverage at a travel plaza. They asked me my name twice. And this is what my name is.

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